Black Gold School Division
East Elementary School

2018-2019 Here We Go!!

Welcome back to another great year at East Elementary! My own kids are heading back to school as well and I have “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” song stuck in my head.  Summer passed by quickly and it is hard to believe we are going to be starting another school year.

This summer, I rode my motorcycle to Kelowna and traveled on some roads that I had not been on before.  The route took us from Revelstoke, southwards through Nakusp, and back up to Vernon.  The ride was fantastic and the scenery was amazing, which made for a wonderful trip.  This experience reminded me that every day at East Elementary is exciting because the students are trying something they may have never done before.  Painting their first picture, conducting their first science experiment, and reading their first words are some of the new things that the students will experience each day. As we get older, we might forget that schools are full of new experiences, but we are ready for another year of adventure, excitement and fun at East Elementary.  I look forward to seeing you all and welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!