Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
East Elementary School

School Council & Parent Association

We Welcome You To Get Involved In Our School!

All parents/guardians who have a child in our school are encouraged and welcome to attend the EESC/EEPA meetings. We would love to hear your voice! Please check our School Calendar to see when the next meeting is.

East Elementary School Council

EESC is East Elementary’s School Council. Along with our principal and an East Staff representative, this group discusses important topics and events pertaining to our school and Black Gold division.


EESC Executive 2018/19 (one year term):

Chair – Crystal Nelson

Vice Chair – Carlita Carstairs

Secretary – Shannon Matchem


East Elementary Parents Association

EEPA is the fundraising group in EESC.


EEPA Executives 2017 – 2019 (two year term):

President -Heather Wood

Vice President – Carlita Carstairs

Secretary – Shannon Matchem

Treasurer – Crystal Nelson

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*If you would like to get involved at any time this year, feel free to contact our EESC/EEPA parents through their email,  or Facebook linked above.