Black Gold School Division
East Elementary School

Accountability Pillar Results 2019

Happy November Everyone!

At our last East Elementary School Council (EESC) meeting I shared our school Accountability Pillar Overall Summary from 2019.  This document is based on the surveys that are given to parents, students in grade 4-6, and teachers in the spring each year.  The survey paints a picture of our overall school results and school culture.  I wanted to highlight our Accountability Pillar Survey for two reasons. First, the results are once again excellent, and second, because I would like to thank our school community for making those results possible. East Elementary’s success is directly related to the work that you do as parents/guardians, the work of our students, and the efforts of our teachers.  When I look at the attached results, they paint a picture of a school that is supported by our parents/guardians. East is a school where students feel safe, feel cared for, and where they are taught the values of hard work that will help to prepare them for a great future. The survey also depicts a school where teachers work diligently to teach the curriculum effectively and support all of our students in achieving their learning goals. I am so proud of our community, our students, and our teachers for continuing to do such amazing work at East.

Way to go everyone!

Mr. Chomlak

Accountability Pillar