Black Gold School Division
East Elementary School

Be a Strong Finisher

Our staff is a diverse group, with many passions, however one commonality among all of us is our passion for physical activities.  We have staff members who are ball players, golfers, horse back riders, cross-fit athletes, dancers, hikers, paddlers, skiers, snowboarders, bowlers, curlers and many more.  I enjoy many sports and lately I have really started to like running.  I started running about 5 years ago and could barely run half a kilometer but slowly, and with dedication, I was able to work up to running a half marathon last summer.  I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I run long distances and it really is a battle of the mind over the body.  I will often start really strong, struggle about half way through and then pick up the pace when I get to the last few kilometers. Well, much like a run, our school year is coming to an end, however, we are not finished yet.  So as we count down our last two weeks, let us remember that the finish line is in sight so don’t give up, do your best and have a strong finish. Have a great week everyone!