Black Gold School Division
East Elementary School

Christmas Lights

I believe I am quite an organized person. At work, I am usually on top of all of my administrative duties, and for the most part I never fall behind.  At home, I tend to keep a fairly neat house and I ensure that my kids finish their homework and do their chores.  However, when it comes to Christmas lights, I would have to give myself an “F”.  Each year I visualize a fantastic Christmas light display that I will put up, unfortunately, I almost always end up not getting it done. My reasons from year to year vary from “the light box is too high on the shelf”, “it’s cold out”, or “I’m tired”.  For me, it doesn’t really matter if the Christmas lights are out or not, but it does matter to my boys, so this weekend I will trudge out into the snow and create a village of winter cheer.

The purpose of my story is that some times, even the most organized people procrastinate and we have to always evaluate what is important.  Our lives are extremely busy and the word “productivity” is thrown around much more than needed. What we must do is find those things that are completely necessary and those that can wait.  I think this can be related to all aspects of our lives.  It may not be essential that our houses are clean all the time or that the car is washed, but some things really do matter.  We must help our children find success in school and support them each day and make time to provide the best home and learning environments for them that is possible. Raising our children is a responsibility and a privilege, so this December, take the time to connect with your children and enjoy all those wacky things that you do for them!  Have a great week.

Mr. Chomlak