Black Gold School Division
East Elementary School

Design A Youth Council- City of Leduc

Do you know of any youth that have ideas for the skate park? Feel an issue is not being addressed in the community? Have thoughts as to what the future of Leduc might look like? Can you think of a few 12-18 year old youth that are vocal and outspoken in other ways? Or are looking to explore and develop their leadership skills? Those are the youth we are looking for!

In just over 2 weeks the City of Leduc is hosting a special event at the Library. The city is gathering Leduc youth (ages 12 and 18 years) to “Design a Youth Council”. The City of Leduc is interested in youth engagement, but want to make sure that how adults define ‘youth engagement’ is the same as for youth! So, we want young people to determine what a group of youth who give input on Leduc issues would look like and how it would function.

At this event, we will have a space where young people can collaborate to design a potential new group to act in some sort of advisory capacity with the City. Plus, free snacks of course!

See PDF here.