Black Gold School Division
East Elementary School

It’s a New Decade!!

Welcome to a new decade of education at East Elementary!  I am sure many of you can remember the decades you lived through during your lifetime.  I certainly miss the decades when I was 20 or 30 years old, so make sure you enjoy them.  As you get older it certainly becomes harder to stay motivated. Like many of you, I recently tried to increase my exercise time and start the New Year off on a good foot. I have also came to the realization that my dog Binx and I have a lot in common.  We would both rather sit on the couch and relax, than go for a jog in the cold!   

 In the coming weeks, parents of students in grade 4-6 will have the opportunity to complete an Accountability Pillar Survey. These surveys are completed by all of our grade 4-6 students and staff as well.  The surveys are important because they provide our staff, students, and parents an opportunity to share their thoughts on the work that we all do at East Elementary School.  This information helps to guide our plans at school and focus on what we all believe are important goals for our school.  For example, we are currently working on refining math instructional practices in order to assist all students in achieving greater math competency.  I encourage you all to take the time to complete an Accountability Pillar Survey so you can share just how awesome East Elementary is.  

 All the best to you in 2020.

 Mr. Chomlak