Black Gold School Division
East Elementary School

May Is Filled With Fun!

April showers brings May flowers? Well, I really hope that is true since we are having some really cool and wet weather.  If your child arrived at home a little wet, and you were perhaps a little frustrated, don’t be too upset since our school yard looks more like Shrek’s swamp than a playground right now.  We are all looking forward to some warmer weather to dry up our school yard and brighten up our days.

May is going to be very busy month with some exciting events for the students. From May 1-5, we will be celebrating Education Week and hosting some really fun activities.  Please check out our online school calendar to see what is happening.  In addition, we will be starting track and field, heading out on field trips, and the grade 6 class will have their first Provincial Achievement Test this month.  Things are going to be busy around the East so feel free to stop in at any of our school events this month and check them out. Have a great May Long Weekend!
Mr. Chomlak