Black Gold School Division
East Elementary School

Track and Field

It is track & field season at East Elementary!  The students at East are preparing for our district track and high jump meets and we are all very excited.  Gym classes are filled with running, jumping, throwing and lots of fun outside.  I have coached track at all of the schools I have worked at in my career and it is one of my favorite sporting events.  I appreciate that it is a sport that encourages our students to work towards their personal best and even if they do not finish first in an event, they can always strive to beat their own records.
I believe that the ideal of constant self improvement is a great virtue for our students to learn.  Throughout our lives, we will encounter many instances where we will have to better ourselves and track and field is just like those instances.  I truly enjoy watching our students jump 5 cm higher or run a second faster and to see the satisfaction they get from their achievement.
Have a great month and feel free to volunteer for our track meet!

Mr. Chomlak