Black Gold School Division
East Elementary School

Welcome to 2016-2017 At East Elementary


Wow! Summer certainly goes by fast! It seems like it was only a few days ago that we were saying goodbye to all of the students, our school families, and the staff and now we are right back at school again. With each new school year, we have some changes and this year the biggest one will be our new portable. I know Ms. McRae is really going to miss her spot on the stage but she has decided she will grudgingly move to the new room.  In addition, we have some new staff again this year, some returning staff, and undoubtedly we will have some changes overall once we see exactly how many amazing East Elementary students we will have this year.  


I love coming back to school in September and it really is my favorite time of the school year. The students and staff are energized, bright eyed and ready to have fun.  Parents are usually excited to have their kids return to school, and the overall feel of the school is so positive. Students are eager to talk about their summer break, show off their new clothes, and reconnect with their friends.  Earlier this week, I shared an article with the staff to get us pumped up for the school year. This article was titled “Being recognized and affirmed by a powerful adult can be life-changing for a young person.” by Jeffrey Benson, and one of the portions I highlighted for the staff said ” We hear all the time that our best teachers love their students, regardless of their age or achievement. They love their students before they try, before they achieve.”  This quote embodies what I believe our staff strives for at East Elementary.  Student grades are undoubtedly an essential part of education, however, at East Elementary we also value all of our students as important members of our school family and we recognize that good teaching starts with good relationships.  Welcome back everyone, I look forward to another great year at our awesome school!


Mr. Chomlak