Black Gold School Division
East Elementary School

What Can Our Elders Teach Us?

It was a cool, blustery day.  The sun refused to shine as we stepped onto the grassy battlefield.  A mix of old and new staff from East Elementary were about to have an epic battle on a local golf course. The build up to our game last weekend was quite exciting and the “younger” staff were very adamant that they would badly beat Mr. Lavigne and me on the golf course.  Well, at the end of nine holes, Mr. Lavigne and I were pleased to see that Mr. Porter and Ms. Smith had not beat us at all.  It turns out that despite what some of our younger generations may think, age is a very important asset. As we get older we gain experience, patience, understanding, and a greater overall appreciation for the world around us.  As our students travel through school, they make this same journey. They change from living in a world which revolves completely around themselves, to appreciating the needs and feelings of those around them and this personal development continues throughout their lives.  I often remember my own father telling me to respect our elders because we can learn so much from them.  Even today, my dad can talk to me about an issue and make me feel like I still have so much to learn.  At East Elementary, we believe that teaching our students to respect and listen to the adults in our school and community is an essential part of their education, much like respecting an “old” Principal’s golf game.
Have a wonderful week everyone and enjoy the amazing weather.

staff golfing