Black Gold School Division
East Elementary School

What is a PD Day??

I must admit I have heard the question “What do you teachers even do on a PD Day?”, more than once.  Is it just a day off with staff lounging around in their sweatpants having coffee? I can tell you it definitely is not.  On Tuesday, our staff attended a variety of sessions including ones about Autism, Jump Math, beginning teacher strategies, assessment, and our emergency program, Hour Zero.  I was a part of the Hour Zero session with 15 other staff members and we examined all of the training videos and discussed the various situations that could occur in the school. During this session we had some insightful reflection on our “Hold and Secure” that we initiated last year.  We realized that we did a great job on the central aspect of the event, which was to keep the students safe, however, we recognized that we could improve in other areas.   Reflecting upon and improving our practice is a professional expectation within our school and our staff engages in this activity daily.  Our goal is to constantly improve our teaching and student learning so that we can better serve our community.  As a result of our Hour Zero reflection, we have made an important change which I have outlined below. Have a wonderful week!

Mr. C


In the event of a Lock Down or Hold and Secure, parents will be required to go to the main office and fill in a “Student Release Form”. Students will only be released from classrooms once a copy of this is provided to the classroom teacher.