Black Gold School Division
East Elementary School

Fall Is In The Air

Greetings Parents/Guardian
September is over already and we are cruising into fall. We had a great start to the school year and there is such a positive vibe throughout the school. Our students are happy and learning new things. The staff is energized and excited to be with the kids and the office staff is working hard at getting all of our families familiarized with power school.
The online field-trips and payments were a big change for all of us this year, I had some difficulty trying to fill out my son’s as well! I do believe we can glean some lessons from this that transfer into all areas of our lives; that lesson is change can be a process and difficult but it can be positive as well.
However stressful change can be, it also forces us to grow, learn new things, and become a better person. I think this really relates to our students since each day they are required to change, to be challenged, and to learn something new.  Fortunately, these challenges are what will help them become better students, better individuals, and successful members of our society.
So the next time you experience change, look at it as an opportunity for growth!
Have a Spooktacular Month!
Mr. Chomlak