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Supports and Services

Students who have special learning needs will receive supports and services within an inclusive classroom setting.  Through the collaborative work of the staff, supports and services will be identified based on what will best help your child to be successful at school.

Learning Support – our Learning Support Teacher helps coordinate services for students and provides targeted interventions as needed to help address learning delays and/or enrichment.

Family School Liaison Services – we have regularly scheduled FSLW time to provide additional solution-focused counselling services for students (groups, individuals), resources for school staff and families, and to support the development of Success in School Plans for children/youth in care.

Consultation/Coaching Services – we have access to Instructional Consultants  and Coaches as needed to help support student learning and development: Psychology, Instruction, Behaviour, Communication, Mobility, Motor Development, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Low Vision/Blindness, Assistive Tools for Learning

Special Needs Programming – is available in our school and can take on a variety of forms depending on the unique needs of the student.

ESL Programs – “Students learn English while also learning about Canadian cultural values, customs and social expectations. The goal of ESL programs is to provide students with planned systematic instruction and support that will enable them to speak the English language fluently, further their education and become productive and contributing members of Albertan and Canadian society. ESL programming is funded for both Canadian-born and foreign-born students.”  (Alberta Education)

Individual and group counselling facilitates emotional, social and educational growth through the development of a positive self concept. Our Counsellor helps support the development of a School-wide Comprehensive Guidance and Counselling Program. Please contact our school counsellor if you wish to discuss your child’s development or options for counselling.

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CASA Caregiver Village

Care Giver Village has videos that talk about a variety of issues such as depression and anxiety. The site provides parents/caregivers information as to how to help their child.

Through Your Child’s Eyes

Through your child’s eyes is a informative site for parents/caregivers who have a child who may have a learning disability. It’s to help parents understand what it’s like.

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Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance

For your convenience, Black Gold Regional Schools has made arrangements for families to voluntarily purchase student accident insurance through the Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance program, underwritten by Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.

Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance offers protection against the unexpected costs of injury from accidents, and is especially valuable for families who:
*do not have medical or dental plans,
*have limited plans, as it may help supplement health and dental benefits,
*or have active children who enjoy sports and outdoor activities.

For complete plan details, please visit www.kidsplus.ca.

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