East Elementary School



Student of the Week Award (K to Grade 6)

Every week one student from each class is awarded Student of the Week.
Students are recognized by our principal and receive a special certificate from their teacher.

Celebration of Learning Awards Night (Grade 1-6)

Each year we hold a special “Celebration of Learning” night in which hard working students are honoured and recognized. Families are invited to attend this night to join in celebrating student accomplishments with East staff.


Each student who meets the criteria may receive one of the rewards listed below. In addition, one Grade 6 student will receive the Eagle Award.

Citizenship Award
(Grades 1-6) (multiple students in each class)(certificate)

– kind
– considerate
– positive role model
– volunteer
– follows the rules and has initiative
– well rounded individual

Pursuit of Excellence Award
(Grades 3-6) (multiple students in each class)(certificate)

– always works hard (strong work ethic)
– accepts responsibility for their behaviour and learning
– strong educational ability or progress made throughout the year
– good work habits

Love of Learning Award
(Grades 1-6) (one per classroom)(hardcover book and certificate)

– thirst for knowledge in a variety of areas
– strong reader
– goes beyond what is required
– takes risks in their learning
– good classroom behaviour

Eagle Award
(Grade 6) (*1 student, possibly 2 if there are 2 classes or no student if no one meets the criteria)(engraved pen and certificate)

– possesses the self-confidence to demonstrate strong character traits consistently in their daily school life
– is involved in a wide variety of school activities
– is academically successful (strong work ethic, does not necessarily need high grades)
– shows leadership both in and out of the classroom