Black Gold School Division
East Elementary School

Never Quit Before You Start

Yesterday, after school, our staff engaged in a great team building activity.  The East Elementary Staff challenged Ecole Corinthia Park School to a friendly game of slo-pitch.  Clearly, we were the underdogs as Corinthia’s staff is twice our size, and according to their Principal, Mr. Cable, they are also much better ball players.  We arrived at the field without any expectations other than to have fun, yet to my surprise, we quickly moved ahead of Corinthia on the score sheet and we never looked back.  I think many of our staff expected we would lose and we didn’t try our hardest right at the start of the game. This reminded me that we encounter many challenges in school and in life and it is important for all of us to consistently give our best effort.  Each day at East Elementary we ask our students to do their best and I believe that as parents and educators we must do the same and some times, the results can be surprising!

Thanks Corinthia Park for the great game and we are retiring as the Leduc School Slo-Pitch Champions.


Corinthia VS East