Black Gold School Division
East Elementary School

Super Hero Teams

I would consider myself as a bit of a science fiction buff and I have always been a big fan of science fiction movies, books, and films.  Recently, I have really enjoyed all of the comic book hero movies that are being released and the one series that I find particularly engaging is The Avengers.  I find the interactions between the diverse characters and personalities very interesting.  As the plot unfolds, they often start off working well together. Then they experience some interpersonal conflicts between the team members, but in the end, they all overcome their adversary and save the day.  Well, at East Elementary, we too have a super hero team; a team of Super Teachers. Within the walls of our school, we have many different people and personalities working together towards one goal, to provide the best possible learning environment for your children. At times, we may disagree on a few ideas or plans, but in the end we always come together to support one another and the students of East Elementary.  It truly is a privilege to work with such an amazing team! Way to go East Elementary Staff, you are the best!

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