Black Gold School Division
East Elementary School

The Bunny

I think that children have a natural affinity with animals. When children see a new animal, it is so exciting and wondrous for them.  They often want to touch the animal, hold it, or get as close as they can to it. As adults, I question why we stop taking the time to admire and wonder about new things.  Is it because as we get older, we no longer find the excitement in something we have experienced already? If you see a rabbit once, does that automatically mean it becomes less interesting the next time? I think that school work can be just like a child learning about animals.  At first, school seems new and exciting and we look forward to trying everything.  Yet as we grow older it may become routine and monotonous.  How do we prevent this from happening and how do we foster a passion for learning in our students?  The good news is that when I look into the classrooms of our school, much has changed since when I attended school.  Our teachers constantly search for new and exciting projects to engage students.  No longer do students simply sit and listen to lectures, then write on endless worksheets.  Our teachers strive to provide multiple learning opportunities through multiple means with the hopes of getting students even more engaged in school. Education is constantly changing as we learn more about how to self-motivate our students and I think we are creating a new generation of learners who will exceed what we have accomplished.  Maybe, when our students are older, the sight of the bunny on the playground will still be exciting.