Black Gold School Division
East Elementary School

Concert Update

Concert Update:

Christmas concert is quickly approaching. Listed below is the dress code for each grade. Please remember that there are two Christmas concert nights, December 15 and December 16.

Thursday classes are kindergarten (both classes), 1F, 2A, 3DM, 3P, 4G, and 6K. Friday performers are 1D, 2P, 5K, 4S, and 6K.

Doors will open both nights at 6 pm and the concert will start at 6:30. The Grade 6 Cake Raffle is happening both nights- 50cents a ticket!

Dress for Christmas Concert:
Gr 1- sunglasses and bright colored shirt
Gr 2- sweaters and scarf
Gr 3- red or green plain shirt
Gr 4- plain white shirt
Gr 5- red or green plain shirt
Gr 6- Sunday best (unless they are in the play)

See you soon!